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KEY FEATURES A very young and trendy desktop distribution advertized as "the fastest out-of-the-box linux distro" and there is something (a lot!) in it. Except for the speed, Yoper offers pretty good hardware support (autodetection via redhat's kudzu). The installation is also really fast - on a 1GHz, 512 MB machine it took less than 20 minutes to get a fully functional operating system. The negative points are that the distro is buggy and there occur some errors and some irritating behaviors once in a while. Recommended for people who already know some Linux basics.
Supported architectures i686
Minimal hardware requirements Pentium 2, 128MB RAM, 1.5 GB HDD, Bootable CD
Installer - overall (5) Yoper installer is fast and easy. It lacks lots of features a modern installer should have. There are some bugs, mainly in hardware detection. Sometimes it happens that installation failes and there is no easy way to install Yoper on specific machines.
Package selection (0) No package selection available
Predefined package groups (0) No group package selection available
Expert mode install (0) No expert mode
Graphical installer (3) Text-based installer, but graphical partitioning program (qtparted) runs during installation, as well as SaX2 is provided to configure monitor(s) and graphics card.
Installer speed (9) The fastest installation among modern OS-s. It should take 7 to 20 minuted (including configuration) to get a fully usable system.
Graphical system management (4) Yoperconf - graphical tool which tries to imitate Control Panel known from MS Windows, not very useful right now
Console-based system management (2) Not many console administrative tools
Number of packages (4) Over 900 packages in the default repository.
Package management, automatic dependency resolving (5) RPM is the default YOS package format and apt-get is the default tool. The only problem with Yoper package management are repeating issues with distro upgrade (unresolved or not defined dependencies, etc). Overall, package management is similar to Fedora's or Suse's, no it's not that bad.
Graphical package management tools (7) Default graphical package manager is Synaptics, known form Debian. It does its job.
System boot-up speed (7) Good botup speed. Only Gentoo seems to beat Yoper here. It would be even better if not errors in the default scripts :)
System responsiveness (9) Yoper is well known for its speed. And it is, as a mater of fact, the fastest OS I have ever used. The speed is most noticable while launching apps. Mozilla, for instance loads in about 6 seconds on my Debian Sid machine, while it takes only about 2 sec. to launch under Yoper!
Popularity (4) Around 10th rank in DistroWatch.com. YOS is a young distro and it is getting more popular every month.
Security focus (2) Yoper is not a secure system. This seems not to be a priority for the developers. Lots of official packages have unpatched bugs and flaws. The packages are updated randomly. If you want a secure Yoper system you need to take the steps yourself.
Stability and maturity (2) Yops as one of the youngest distros is still in its infancy. In spite of developers' hard work, there ares till too many bugs and flaws to call Yoper a stable and reliable system. It's allright for a desktop system, hiding behind a good firewall.
Does the installer support multiple languages? (0) English only, sorry.
Is the system localized after installation? (1) The only localization issue we can change during system installation is the timezone.
Is manual system localization easy? (4) Internationalization and localization is possible but not obvious. Some conf file edition is necessary.
Support for restricted formats (0) ?
Sagem DSL modem support (7) Sagem modem drivers install flawlessly. Only kernel-image installation is necessary (downloadable through apt-get).
Alcatel DSL modem support (0) ?
ISDN support (0) No ISDN tools available in the standard distribution.
Wireless support (7) In 2.2 version, ndiswrapper is installed by default. Also lots of wireless drivers are available so there should be no problems with typical configurations.

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