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KEY FEATURES We love Debian Sid (aka "Unstable") and believe in it's innovative power. It is by far the largest, most secure and up-to-date software repository available. Unfortunately, the Debian installer does not support Sid and upgrading from either Testing or Stable to Sid can be painful and demanding. Using debootstrap to create a Sid system leaves the average user with headaches and a lot of additional work to do by hand.That is where sidux jumps in. We provide 3 or 4 carefully balanced Sid snapshots each year, together with easy and fast installation options (from iso files, but probably also using other technologies such as scripts together with netinstall or cdebootstrap). We enrich the distribution with a properly patched version of the most recent kernels, improved hardware detection, ready to go drivers, helpful scripts and anything we think is useful. We strive to package properly and contribute all our suitable work back to Debian. We understand sidux is a base system for further customisations and adaptations to special needs (laptop, desktop, server or special purpose workstation). It can be used in private and corporate surroundings and makes a fine platform for appliances. It will always remain a 100% Debian Sid compatible system.
Supported architectures X86 (i386/amd64)
Minimal hardware requirements 192 MB RAM for KDE - 128 MB RAM for Fluxbox
Software freedom status All the software on any sidux iso is 100 % dfsg free software
Installer - overall (8) Graphical installer with options like "install-to-usb"
Package selection (8) additional meta-packages onto the basic iso
Predefined package groups (8) After the installation you can use the metapackage-installer to install package groups like: Disk, Education, Games, Language, LaTeX, Multimedia, Network, WindowManger, etc.
Expert mode install TEXT
Graphical installer (9) From Live CD
Installer speed (9) normal install takes 6 - 20 minutes, depending on hardware, install fromiso/toram takes 2-4 minutes
Graphical system management siduxcc
Console-based system management siduxcc
Number of packages (9) Around 31196
Package management, automatic dependency resolving (8) sidux uses dpkg with apt frontend, which handles dependencies best with debian unstable
Graphical package management tools (7) Synaptic. Not recommended by sidux developers but installed by default.
System boot-up speed (8) fast
System responsiveness (8) fast (with kde with at least 256 mb ram, best 512 or more
Popularity (5) growing
Security focus (6) no special focus, as debian unstable needs no security upgrades
Stability and maturity (5) debian unstable can be what the name suggests sometimes
Does the installer support multiple languages? (7) the installer comes with 12 languages
Is the system localized after installation? (8) yes
Is manual system localization easy? (8) yes
Support for restricted formats (5) as sidux consists of only free software, anything non-free has to be obtained through extra repositories
ISDN support yes
Wireless support (6) generally yes, but in most cases we cannot legally provide the firmware, ndiswrapper works as well
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