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KEY FEATURES Sabayon Linux is a distribution that has everything working out of the box. It comes with the newest (experimental) stuff, but is very stable overall. Sabayon is based on gentoo. Sabayon is a very stable, fast and it contains anything you can get on any other linux distibution.
Minimal hardware requirements i586 Processor,128Mb of RAM, a 2D graphics card, a DDC capable Monitor, mouse and keyboard
Installer - overall (6) Sabayon installs pretty easely, it can dual boot easely and even if you have never installed an OS before it should be easy. only it takes forever to install (it took me 2 hours, while any other distro would install within 20 minutes.)
Package selection (9) Live cd/dvd with gnome/kde/fluxbox. (live cd only has kde)
Predefined package groups (9) KDE,GNOME,fluxbox and Compiz Fusion out-of-the-box
Expert mode install (9) Available option throughout install
Installer speed (1) will take about 2 hours. (it is 12 gb)
Graphical system management (7) Can be configured pretty easely.
System boot speed (9) It takes 5 minutes when running from a live dvd, but when installed, it boot within a minute.
Does the installer support multiple languages? (9) It includes a lot of languages, including english
Wireless support (9) 2 click and you're online
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Sabayon Linux is easely my favorit linux distrubution, beacuse it is very simple, powerfull and most important everything works out of the box. It might not be as user-friendly as ubutnu or has a much documentation, it is an awsome linux distribution
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