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KEY FEATURES PC-BSD is a fairly new project aiming at making FreeBSD user-friendly by providing a nice default KDE desktop, an easy way to install software, and graphical configuration tools.
Supported architectures i686
Minimal hardware requirements Pentium or higher (686); 256 MB RAM; 4 GB free HD space (either partition or entire disk). (network card, sound card)
Installer - overall (?) ?
Package selection (?) ?
Predefined package groups (?) ?
Expert mode install (?) ?
Graphical installer (?) ?
Installer speed (?) ?
Graphical system management KDE 3.5.5
Console-based system management (?) ?
Number of packages see http://www.pcbsd.org/?p=releasenotes
Package management, automatic dependency resolving (8) PC-BSD uses its own package format — PBI which basically eliminates the issues with dependencies, since PBI packages contain all the required libraries bundled in the package. On the downside, you might have a library installed in multiple places for different software, eating up hard drive space. For programs that do not have a PBI package, you can still use the FreeBSD's ports system.
Graphical package management tool (8) Software installation in PC-BSD is trivial due to a great graphical wizard for installing the PBI packages. It goes the Windows way (that is Next->Next->Next->Finish) and automatically creates menu and desktop shortcuts (if required) to the installed apps.
System boot speed (?) ?
System responsiveness (?) ?
Popularity (5) PC-BSD is a fairly new BSD flavor residing at the 29th place on DistroWatch. However, it is more popular than its competitor, DesktopBSD.
Security focus (?) ?
Stability and maturity (?) PC-BSD is fairly new and only at version 1.3. Its packages are up to date with few betas, although it used X.org 6.9 instead of 7.1. However, it is startifng to grow and mature, and eventually maybe even make a name among a world of alternate OS users.
Does the installer support multiple languages? (?) ?
Is the system localized after installation? (?) ?
Is manual system localization easy? (?) ?
Support for restricted formats (?) ?
Sagem DSL modem support (?) ?
Alcatel DSL modem support (?) ?
ISDN support (?) ?
Wireless support (?) ?
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