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KEY FEATURES MEPIS was founded in 2002 by Warren Woodford, who at the time was unhappy with the way Linux for desktops was offered by the existing distros. Warren created a very user friendly, KDE based distro with some unique features, which surpised many users at the time. The recent release of antiX MEPIS for older hardware has proved very popular.
Supported architectures x86, amd64, mac intel
Minimal hardware requirements Pentium III class processor, 128 Mb RAM, 2Gb HDD
Installer - overall (?) ?
Package selection (?) ?
Predefined package groups (?) ?
Expert mode install (?) ?
Graphical installer (?) ?
Installer speed (?) ?
Graphical system management Assistants for Network, X-Windows
Console-based system management (?) ?
Number of packages (?) ?
Package management, automatiic dependency resolving Uses *deb system
Graphical package management tool Synaptic
System boot speed (?) ?
System responsiveness (?) ?
Popularity (7) MEPIS quickly shot to the top ranking distros at Distrowatch.
Security focus (6) The default installation of MEPIS provides Guarddog, an easy to use firewall that is already configured for the most common situations. Since version 6.0, Thunderbird comes with Enigmail set up, allowing users to send / receive encrypted mail out of the box. The taskbar holds a little icon that warns the user of software updates, so essential security fixes can be installed as soon as they are available. Although Linux is virtually free of viruses, MEPIS installs the Clamav virus detection tool, a plus for people that want to make sure not to be sending out any virus to Windows users out there.
Stability and maturity (?) ?
Does the installer support multiple languages? (?) ?
Is the system localized after installation? (?) ?
Is manual system localization easy? (?) ?
Support for restricted formats (?) ?
Sagem DSL modem support (?) ?
Alcatel DSL modem support (?) ?
ISDN support (?) ?
Wireless support Very good in 6.5.02
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