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KEY FEATURES EasyLFS is an enhancement of Linux from Scratch (LFS). Like LFS all software is installed from source-code, which results in a system optimized for the hardware it is installed on. But unlike LFS it is not installed manually by typing in lots of commands, but automatically with some scripts that more or less follow the instructions from the Linux from Scratch book. In addition to the basic system LFS offers EasyLFS includes some useful packages that are common in other distributions and the security-enhancement SELinux.
Supported architectures X86, X86_64
Minimal hardware requirements
Software freedom status EasyLFS and all packages provided are free as in freedom.
Installer - overall Customise a bash script and run it. PDF guide available. Easy to follow.
Package selection
Predefined package groups
Expert mode install Its all expert
Graphical installer (0) Not available
Installer speed (0) Since all packages are compiled on the machine they are installed on the installation-time completely depends on hardware-speed. Installation can take between a few hours and a few days.
Graphical system management (0) Not available
Console-based system management (0) Not available
Number of packages
Package management, automatic dependency resolving You have the ability to build Dpkg or RPM
Graphical package management tools (0) Not available
System boot-up speed (8) Like other source-based distributions EasyLFS boots up quickly. On modern systems boot-times of less than 30 seconds are not unusual. Startup-time also depends on software-choice and which services are started.
System responsiveness (8) Very good. It should be possible to optimize some more, but since software is compiled on the target-system the packages already are quite optimized to it.
Popularity (0) Only few people have tried EasyLFS so far. No distros are based on EasyLFS. NOW FEATURED ON DISTROWATCH!
Security focus (7) Some security-related packages, like IPTables, IPSec-Tools and SELinux are available as options.
Stability and maturity (1) The system is tested well, but errors cannot be excluded.
Does the installer support multiple languages? (0) No
Is the system localized after installation? (1) Timezone and keyboard-layout can be selected before installation.
Is manual system localization easy? Yes, edit the bash script installer to set it to compile packages for your locale
Support for restricted formats (0) No restricted formats are supported.
Sagem DSL modem support
Alcatel DSL modem support
ISDN support
Wireless support (3) Wireless-Tools and WPA-Supplicant are available.

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