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KEY FEATURES DragonFlyBSD is a FreeBSD fork that has a different approach to concurrency, SMP, and most other kernel subsystems than the original. The system tries to provide a stable and backwards-compatible API with a straight upgrade mechanism. DragonFly's ultimate goal is to provide fully cache coherent and fully transparent single-system-image style clustering.
Supported architectures Currently x86 only. Work is being done on support for the new 64-bit processors from AMD
Minimal hardware requirements ?
Installer - overall (?) ?
Package selection (?) ?
Predefined package groups (?) ?
Expert mode install (?) ?
Graphical installer (?) ?
Installer speed (?) ?
Graphical system management (?) ?
Console-based system management (?) ?
Number of packages (?) ?
Package management, automatiic dependency resolving (?) ?
Graphical package management tool (?) ?
System boot speed (?) ?
System responsiveness (?) ?
Popularity (?) ?
Security focus (?) ?
Stability and maturity (?) ?
Does the installer support multiple languages? (?) ?
Is the system localized after installation? (?) ?
Is manual system localization easy? (?) ?
Support for restricted formats (?) ?
Sagem DSL modem support (?) ?
Alcatel DSL modem support (?) ?
ISDN support (?) ?
Wireless support (?) ?
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